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Better Coffee for a Better World!

Matas de Minas, in turn, is identified with the best topographies and climates in Brazil, some say the world. Our mountains, altitudes, and the artisanal and sustainable cultivation of the producers make a unique coffee; with a diversity of flavors and unique nuance.

It was here that, 10 years ago, we started work without knowing or fearing future outcomes; and today we continue to develop this beautiful work, always counting on the collaboration of the partners involved throughout the chain.

Red coffee beans in farmer hand macro close up view.jpg

From our Farmers Family hands to your Hands!

Our coffees come from the mountains of Matas de Minas, south of Minas Gerais and north of Espírito Santo, with Arabica and Robusta varieties. Coffees that stand out and surprise the most demanding roasters and connoisseurs of this drink. We work with sustainable artisanal cultivation and even with large volumes of traditional commodities.   

Family Farming!

Matas de Minas is known for its strength in sustainable family farming and artisanal cultivation. Topographies that do not accept large automated machines, with this, the Arabica coffees in this region are different from the others, making it unique.

Southern Minas Gerais is known for the large volumes produced and for the development of automated handling, thus providing great potential for Arabica coffee commodities.

North of Espirito Santo is known for being the focus of volume and quality of Conilon or Robusta. Coffee widely used in industries for its outstanding characteristics, mainly because it is a neutral drink and with a potential for more caffeine.

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