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All of our hand picked coffee beans Q-Graded well over 80%

We cater to all Specialty Roasters around the US

Prime Coffee Company specializes in sourcing unique high quality grade coffee beans and carefully transport them to ensure they maintain their flavor and freshness. Prime Coffee Company provides an amazing selection of quality high grade beans that allow a wide range of delicious brews whether its rich flavors brewed regular cup, espresso or cold brew. 


Brewing specialty coffee beans using a high quality roaster can truly elevate the coffee drinking experience. The best specialty beans, when roasted to perfection, open up layers of flavor notes from nuts, citrus and even caramel that don't exist in lower quality blends. Roasting at the proper temperature with a quality machine is key to producing coffee with an optimal flavor profile - too low, and the beans end up bland; too hot, and they will become smoky or bitter. High quality roaster beans make it easy to create delicious specialty coffee drinks right at home!

Coffee Traceability

Every player in the coffee supply chain has a vested interest in coffee traceability, because it is a means to express commitment to product quality and foster strong relationships with consumers and buyers!

Sustainability and Ethics

Coffee transparency allows consumers, buyers, shops, and roasters to see how ethically and sustainably beans were grown. Whether the production and transportation of a product is achieved with good working conditions and fair pay for farmers or not, or how practices support or damage local agricultural environments, are huge determining factors in people’s purchasing decisions today. 

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